Nikki Rixon

Taxi Ferry by nikkirixon1

I was privileged to join Fairbridge – a taxi driver in Bungerrecht village – for a day of picking up fans from the surrounding areas and transporting them to the fan park in Eldorado, Limpopo, South Africa. Before we set off in the early hours, we could hear the loud honking of the vuvuzelas had begun to drift across the village.

Travelling on dusty roads you could see in the distance fans waving their flags and wearing brand new Bafana Bafana shirts. The taxi was filled with an electrifying atmosphere. The fans sang as vuvuzelas were blown in unison and teenagers yelled: “Can you feel it? It is here!” at the top of their voices. A couple of hours before the start of the Bafana Bafana vs Mexico match on the 11th June 2010, I watched as fans of all ages ran excitedly into the viewing parks.

It was amazing to be part of such a memorable event and experience “Unbuntu” – the African spirit of togetherness that filled the atmosphere.

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