Nikki Rixon

Fire Fighters by nikkirixon1

I photographed the recent fires in Kommetjie, Cape Town. The fire fighters did an amazing job of containing the blaze, so nobody was hurt and no property was lost. Many of the fire fighters work for low pay or voluntarily, and I think it is commendable that they put themselves on the line to help others in this way…..

Origin Festival 2011 by nikkirixon1

Took a slow drive up to Villiersdorp on Saturday to watch Michael (Indidginus) open the main stage at the Origin Festival.

Walk the line....

Indidginus live on the main stage

Dancing to Indidginus' set

Catching a ride

Kicking up dust to Toby 2 Shoes' set

Helping hand

Dust devils

Catching some z's

Day turns to night at the entrance to electric fairyland....

Connecto's set

The Groovy Beats stage

Late arrivals - travelling in comfort

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