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Hot springs by nikkirixon1

Yamunotri Temple is nestle 3,300 metres high in the Himalayan Mountain range of Northern India. It is the start of the Yamuna (sister of Yama, the God of death) river. The pilgrims travel from all over India for days to reach Janki Chatti where they start the 7 kilometre hike moving up 1000 metres on the moutain. Pilgrims on foot are joined by wealthier travellers who make use of ponies and dandies to carry them up the mountain. When they reach the temple they bath in the natural hot springs which occurs there. They cook rice in the steaming hot water and offer it to the Gods.

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Zimbabweans gather every Sunday at the United Apostolic Faith Church. The Church is located in the back yard of a South African family home in Mandela Park, Cape Town.

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