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Elim Night Shelter by nikkirixon1
October 2, 2013, 4:35 pm
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I recently spent some time at the Elim Night Shelter in Elsie’s Rivier documenting some of the residents there. I was surprised to find many of those staying at the homeless shelter were white. It is a commonly held perception that it is only blacks/coloureds in South Africa who make up the homeless population, but with the change in economic climate this is also changing.

Elim Nightshelter

Elim Nightshelter


Elim Nightshelter


Elim Nightshelter

Elim Nightshelter


Elim Nightshelter







Heading to Johannesberg for the 2010 World Cup by nikkirixon1

I will be in Johannesburg for the month of June, where I will be photographing the 2010 World Cup and events surrounding it for World Press Photos & Africa Media Online.

I have also started my Tin Can Town project. Natasha was forcibly moved to Blikkiesdorp (translated as “Tin Can Town” from the  Afrikaans, and popularly known as the “dumping ground” of the Cape) after living in and around Seapoint for 15 years:

I’m glad to have a home but we are so far away from everything. We used to find our food in the rubbish bins of the residents in the area and got money from begging now there’s nothing around, we go 3 or 4 days without food. I know they are trying to tidy away Cape Town’s poor and homeless before the World Cup. We’ve been threatened if we are found back on the streets we will be locked up.


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