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Paved with Gold Photo Essay by nikkirixon1

Paved with Gold is a photo essay documenting the courage in the face of adversity of Zimbabweans living in South Africa:

Paved with Gold

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards by nikkirixon1

I received a gold award for this image in the Portrait and People category in the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. The image will be featured in the book Portraits and People 2011.

Twenty Ten Exhibition by nikkirixon1

A selection of my work will be shown at the “Twenty Ten on the road” exhibition, which presents a selection of work created by the Twenty Ten journalists prior to and during the World Cup.

Click here to see features from the project and for more information about Twenty Ten go to:

The exhibition is open to the public from 19 November – 28 November 2010.

Venue: Paulaner Brauhaus
Clocktower Square
V&A Waterfront
Cape Town

Fans on the train on their way home after the Argentina vs Germany Quarter Final - FIFA World Cup 2010 - at the Green Point stadium in Cape Town, South Africa

Young Ghanian football players jogging in the early morning, which is part of their football training at the Kwahu Tafo Village in Mpraeso, a town 3 hours journey north of Accra in Ghana. The Football Academy was established to train local children to improve their fitness and football skills. Many of the children come from underprivileged homes from the surrounding area. The majority of the children live in a hostel in Kwahu Tafo.

Alina Thonjeni, 69 years old sits in her bedroom in front of a mirrored dressing table. She is a single mother to four children has exactly the sort of entrepreneurial spirit necessary to benefit from the influx of tourists associated with the World Cup. She retired from her job in order to convert her modest but well-kept home in Alexandra township, Johannesburg, into a guesthouse. She hopes to provide a viable, cost-effective alternative to the mainstream hotels and their massively inflated prices for the 2010 World Cup.

Amanda Nkosi, 35 a single mother of 2 has been living in Mataffin community her whole life. On her way back from work she was shot in the leg by the police, during a protest against the children having to be taught in unventilated prefab school. She was in hospital for nearly 6 months and lost her job because of this. She is currently unemployed and disabled and struggles to support her family. She has made a claim against the police but nothing has come of this. She said it is hard to be happy about the world cup and having the stadium in Mataffin as it has only brought her misery in Nelspruit in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Bonani Africa Exhibition by nikkirixon1

Images from my photo essay: “Traditional African Funeral” are exhibited as part of the Bonani Africa 2010 Festival of Photography, which opened Aug. 18 at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town.
My images are shown together with the work of 53 other documentary photographers from South Africa, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Namibia.

Traditional African funeral in Transkei, South Africa

Heading to Johannesberg for the 2010 World Cup by nikkirixon1

I will be in Johannesburg for the month of June, where I will be photographing the 2010 World Cup and events surrounding it for World Press Photos & Africa Media Online.

I have also started my Tin Can Town project. Natasha was forcibly moved to Blikkiesdorp (translated as “Tin Can Town” from the  Afrikaans, and popularly known as the “dumping ground” of the Cape) after living in and around Seapoint for 15 years:

I’m glad to have a home but we are so far away from everything. We used to find our food in the rubbish bins of the residents in the area and got money from begging now there’s nothing around, we go 3 or 4 days without food. I know they are trying to tidy away Cape Town’s poor and homeless before the World Cup. We’ve been threatened if we are found back on the streets we will be locked up.


Dream Team Selection by nikkirixon1

I’ve been selected as a photojournalist for the World Press 2010 Dream Team. I’ll be documenting the events surrounding the football matches in Johannesburg during June. More info to follow….

Decriminalization of prostitution in South Africa – a passionate debate by nikkirixon1

My photo essay about suggested decriminalization of prostition in South Africa has been published by Radio Netherlands Worldwide – a news agency which provides news, background and cultural information to millions of people throughout the world via radio, television and the internet in ten languages. Radio Netherlands Worldwide is one of the top five international broadcasters alongside the BBC, Voice of America, Radio France Internationale and Deutsche Welle.

Here is a link to the story:

Transkei New Years – 2009/2010 by nikkirixon1

We had an amazing time in the Transkei, it was really great to get out of the city. Had a bit of a rocky start, an hour into our journey the radiator of our bakkie blew. At least we weren’t too far from home! The AA towed us back home, we swapped bakkies (luckily there was another we could borrow) and set off again. We took a slow trip up enjoying the open space and met awesome people along the way.

An African man walks home after visiting his friends in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

An African grandmother sits on her bed looking at her granddaughter in their rondavel in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa

A portrait of African twins sitting on a blue chair, there is a dumbell wrapped in rags next to them in their home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

An African grandmother sits on a blue chair watching her grandson play with a dumbell in their rondavel - Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

A portrait of a young African girl sitting on a blue chair, there is a dumbell wrapped in rags next to her in her home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

An African girl looks out the window of her home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa. The wall has been painted with graffiti by her brother

An African woman sits next to a pile of dry beans, grown from their garden while she crushes corn with a pestle and mortal at home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

A portrait of an African woman against a mud wall in her home in Coffee Bay - Transkei, South Africa

An African woman sits on her bed while her daughter sweeps the floor. Her other childen sit on the floor and look on - Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa, Africa

A young African boy sits on a bed in his home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa. The bed is placed on bricks in the belief that this stops an evil spirit called a "Tokalosh" from climbing onto the bed & causing mischief.

African girl sits on a bed next to her son in their home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa

A young African woman who suffered a stroke sits on a wooden bench in her home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa

An African boy stands against the wall of his home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

An African boy sits on a chair with shoes hanging on the wall above him, listening to his mother in their home in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

Road trip through the Karoo by nikkirixon1

My friend Chrissy and I went on a road trip, taking the back routes through the Karoo passing over the Witteberge mountains.

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